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Stay in Sync at All Times
PT5300 HD – SD VariTime
Precision Master Sync Generator with GPS and Genlock ability 

The PT5300 HD-SD VariTime Sync Generator is specially designed to fit into the diverse demands of today’s sync environments.In Master sync applications PT5300 may be controlled by the internal high precision, temperature stable XTAL oscillator, or locked to the GPS receiver. In slave applications PT5300 can be genlocked to PAL and NTSC video or black burst signals. All HD and SD outputs are individually time-able for synchronisation of sophisticated video installations. 

PT5300 cut off third w. disp



GPS satelitte Never Lose a Beat
Satellite Synchronisation
The GPS sync ensures accurate video sync where ever you may be 

By using the ultra high accuracy clocks in the GPS satellite systems as a reference, you are always able to lock your main studio with a broadcast van or a remote studio with no physical connection. Both the PT5300 Master clock reference and the LTC timecode for common video formats are kept stable and up to date by the GPS information. Once set up, the PT5300 simply locks to the GPS and runs hassle free from there. 

Should weather parameters, vegetation or tall buildings cause a lack of GPS coverage, the PT5300 will fallback on its temperature stable internal oscillator as the reference clock. Once GPS contact is re-stored, the PT5300 will smoothly regain GPS lock with no disturbance or time jumps. 



LTC Lock & Load
Black Burst VITC Synced
The LTC engine enables sync to both internal, GPS & VITC 

The recently renewed LTC engine of the PT5300 allows for perfect alignment and synchronization of LTC, no matter if the primary clock source is the internal temperature stable oscillator, the high accuracy GPS signal or the de-embedded Vertically Integrated Time Code (VITC) from the Black Burst genlock input. The LTC outputs of the PT5300 stays on time and frame aligned.



PT5300 powered mirrored

Key Features
& Benefits
  • Master sync generator and master clock with internal high stability reference that can be locked to the GPS receiver
  • Multi-format sync capability: 19 HD formats in addition to PAL, NTSC and standard definition SDI systems
  • Two individually timed black burst outputs (up to 6 total)
  • Four individually timed tri-level sync outputs for MSG-5300HD (up to 8 total)
  • Two AES3 audio generators with one separate word clock output
  • Six complete instrument presets are stored for easy switching between application and standards
  • Full genlock capability: 1 frame for HD; 2 fields for SDI; 4 and 8 fields for NTSC and PAL
  • GPS genlock and LTC generator option
  • SNTP server option
  • De-embedding and Synchronisation to VITC on Black burst genlock input
  • Up to 8 individually timed HD/SD-SDI test signal outputs
  • Lip sync moving element in SDI test signals synchronized to embedded audio “click


Fail Safe Sync System
PT5300 Has Your Back

Change-over Setup Unit Secures un-interrupted Operation
 With a dual PT5300 setup coupled to the automatic changeover system (PT5211) the un-interrupted operation of the sync system is secured. The signals of the dual PT5300 are fed through the change-over unit. The change-over unit constantly monitors both PT5300’s and in case of failure, seamlessly switches from one generator to the other.
The change-over unit PT5211 features bi-stable relays, meaning that even at a potential power failure, the current generator will remain selected.

Function ErrrorControl 


HD – SDI Formats Supported by PT5300




Optional Hardware Modules

PT8608 – Dual Black Burst Generator  Adds dual black burst outputs with independent settings
PT8611 – Quad Tri-level Sync   Adds tri-level sync generator with 4 outputs
PT8612 – Quad HD-SD Serial Digital Generator   Adds Serial HD/SD SDI generator with 4 outputs 
PT8616 – GPS Receiver & Antenna   Adds GPS synchronisation, includes weatherproof 180 degrees antenna
PT8635 – Dual AES3 Audio generator  Adds AES3 2x XLR balanced outputs, 2 BNC outputs, wordclock outputs. Included.
PT8643 – SNTP Server and Ethernet remote  Adds serial remote capability. Requires 8616

PT5300-BACK reflection

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27 MHz int. master frequency better than 0.25 ppm (0-50 °C)
Ageing <1 ppm/year

Inputs: 75 ohm looped through input, or two switchable inputs terminated with 75 ohm (menu configurable)
Input signal NTSC or PAL black burst, or continuous wave reference signal
Return loss >36 dB to 6 MHz
Genlock signal M-NTSC or G-PAL
Amplitude nominal ±3 dB
S/N ratio required >26 dB
Sc-H phase nominal ±45°
Pull-in range fsc ±20 Hz
Burst lock jitter <0.5°
Sync lock jitter <2 ns
Timing range ±4 field (PAL) ±2 field (NTSC)
Timing resolution 0.5° of subcarrier
Continuous freq. reference Subcarrier, 5 MHz, and 10 MHz
Amplitude 1 V ±3 dB

The analog genlock signal is transferred directly to a transparent output.
Output impedance 75 ohm
Return loss >36 dB to 6 MHz

MSG-OPT-8611 quad tri-level sync gen
One module installed in MSG-5300HD
Outputs 4 with independent timing and formats
HD formats 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Connectors BNC
Output impedance 75 ohm ±1 %
Return loss >30 dB, up to 30 MHz
Amplitude 600 mVpp ±2 %
Jitter <0.5 ns

Outputs 2 with independent timing and formats
Connector BNC
Output impedance 75 ohm ±0.5 ohm
Return loss >36 dB to 5 MHz
Sync amplitude 300 mV ±2 % (PAL) or 286 mV ±2 % (NTSC)
Timing range ±4 fields (PAL) ±2 fields (NTSC
Timing resolution 0.5° of subcarrier
Sc-H phase Default 0°, adjustment ±180°, resolution <1°
S/N ratio better than 60 dB unweighted to 5 MHz
Jitter <±0.5 ns

Two independent generators with tone, silence or word clock.
A separate word clock output is available, and a second one can be implemented on request
BNC outputs 2
Single-ended in compliance to AES3id
Output impedance 75 ohm ±20 %
Amplitude 1.0 V ±10 % into 75 ohm
Balanced in compliance to AES3 1992
Output impedance 110 ohm ±20 %
Amplitude 3 Vpp typical into 110 ohm
Rise and fall times 10-30 ns
Jitter <20 ns
Sampling frequency 48 kHz
Data rate 3.072 Mbps
Coding Linear PCM, 20 bit two’s complement binary, bi-phase mark coding
Levels Silence, 0, -9, -12, -15, – 16, -18, -20 dBFS
Pre-emphasis None
Outputs signals Stereo 1 KHz
Stereo 800 Hz
Stereo 1 kHz with click in Ch.A
Stereo 1 kHz with normal click in Ch.A and long click in Ch.B
Dual 1 kHz in Ch.A and 400 Hz in Ch.B
Mono 1 kHz
Mono 1 kHz with click in Ch.A and Ch.B
Single ended BNC
Output impedance 75 ohm ±10 %
Levels:High >2.3 VLow: <0.2 V into 75 ohm
TTL compatible when single ended

The remote interface is configurable, RS-232 or GPI
RS-232 serial interface SCPI compliant protocol (1995 0)
Baud rate 300 to 9600
Data bits 7 or 8
Parity None, Odd, or Even
Handshake XON/XOFF or RTS/CTS
GPI interface Selection among 6 presets and genlock mode
Interface connector 9 pole female D-Sub, internally configured to serial RS-232C or parallel TTL level ground closure

Remote control and for optional SNTP server
Connector RJ45
Speed 10BASE-T
Protocol Telnet
Network protocol Static IP or DHCP

Quad HD-SD SDI test signal generator
Signals Video: EBU CB, 75 % CB, 100 % CB, checkfield, PLUGE, window signals, luminance ramp, combination pattern with lip sync
Text Moving with up to 3 lines of 16 characters inserted in test signals
Audio Test tones embedded in the SDI signals
HD formats 720p, 1080i, 1080p frame rates are listed in Table 1
SD formats 525 lines and 625 lines
Connectors BNC, 75 ohm
Output resistance 75 ohm ±1 %
Return loss >15 dB, up to 1.5 GHz
Amplitude 800 mV ±10 %
Timing range ±1 field
Timing resolution HD: 6.7 ns (one clock cycle)
SD 37.5 ns

GPS active antenna
Impedance 50 ohm
Active amplifier supply voltage 3.3 V
Max. power consumption 0.165 W LTC outputs
Balanced OUT 1 x XLR – OR
Unbalanced OUT 2 x BNC
Output voltage pp 1 Vpp
Output impedance 50 ohm
Timing ±500 ms
Step size 6.7 ns
Accuracy 15 ns
 Absolute long term drift <15 us
(Fixed oscillator, when no GPS contact, 1 hr)
Absolute short term drift <1 us
(Fixed oscillator, when no GPS contact, 5 min)
625 lines: 25 FPS (PAL)
24 FPS
525 lines, 29.97 FPS (NTSC – drop frame)
525 lines, 29.97 F (NTSC – non-drop frame)
30 FPS
Cold start  44 sec
Warm start  18 sec

Time zone select
Selectable switching for daylight saving time
 Individual timing offset for both LTC outputs
 ±500 ms offset range

Stratum level level 1
Precision <50 ms
Requests pr. second max 10

Voltage 100 – 240 V
Frequency 50 – 100 Hz
Rating 90 W maximum with options

1RU x 19 in (483 mm) x 19.3 in (490 mm)
Storage temperature -20° to 70 °C (-68° to 158 °F)
Operating temperature 5° to 45 °C (41° to 113 °F)
Humidity Non-condensing (IEC 721)

Product Information

PT5300 Users Manual for software version 6.6 and later.
Download 1.90 MB
Download 456.18 KB

Support and Service

PT8643 Firmware update v.2.0
Download 3.42 MB
DK-5300 Ethernet configuration and remote control software (Windows)
Download 2.92 MB
PT5300 Users Manual for software version 5.7 (Release 2009)
Download 3.49 MB
PT8616, GPS Genlock and LTC Generator
Download 292.83 KB
PT8613, Dual Link Option
Download 124.17 KB