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PT5211 cutout
The Reliability Role 
PT5211 HD – SD Change-over

Automated Surveillance & Change-over 

The PT5211 master sync change-over is designed for use in both serial digital and analog television environment, including AES3 digital audio signals. The use of a change-over unit greatly improves the reliability of a single Master Sync Generator by having a backup unit ready for takeover in the event of an Master Sync Generator break down. In order to improve the reliability of the complete system it is essential to have a simple change-over unit. This ensures that the system reliability will not be compromised by the complexity of the change-over unit which then becomes the single point of failure.


 PT5211-FRONT mirror

The PT5300 has independent circuit for monitoring the signal quality on their outputs. A choice of outputs to be monitored is possible. Errors (too low levels or no transitions) will trigger an alarm signal. This signal is used in the PT5211 change-over unit to switch to the backup Sync Generator. Since the change-over unit relies on alarm signals from the Sync Generators, the complexity of the unit itself is reduced and the total system reliability is improved.

The PT5211 master sync change-over unit automatically switches SDI, composite video, composite black burst, AES3 digital audio and LTC signals between the primary and the backup generator.

The change-over unit can be configured to fit the exact configuration of the Sync Generators used in connection with the change-over unit. The switching is done by means of relays with all channels switched simultaneously. The use of latching relays ensures that the Sync Generator selection remains unchanged in case of power failure on the change-over unit.


Key Features
& Benefits

  • Very high reliability at 80.000 hours MTBF
  • Indicates status of both primary and backup generator
  • Switches analog video, SDI and digital audio (balanced and unbalanced signals)
  • Basic version has four channels, expandable up to 12 channels
  • All unbalanced channels may be used for all signal types
  • Any generator can be selected as primary or backup
  • Error detection and indication on both primary and backup
  • Local and remote operation with status indication
  • Automatic or manual selection of primary or backup Sync Generator
  • Continues operation with the selected Sync Generator in the event of complete power failure to the change-over unit
  • Includes the interface cable between the two master sync generators and the change-over


Fail Safe Sync System
PT5211 Has Your Back

PT5211 Change-over Unit Secures un-interrupted Operation

With a dual PT5300 setup coupled to the automatic changeover system (PT5211) the un-interrupted operation of the sync system is secured. The signals of the dual PT5300 are fed through the change-over unit. The change-over unit constantly monitors both PT5300’s and in case of failure, seamlessly switches from one generator to the other.
The change-over unit PT5211 features bi-stable relays, meaning that even at a potential power failure, the current generator will remain selected.

Function ErrrorControl 



Optional Hardware Modules

PT8617 – Dual BNC Channels  Adds dual BNC Change-over channels
PT8618 – Dual XLR Channels    Adds dual XLR Change-over channels

PT5211-BACK mirrored 

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Basic & Option  
PT8617 terminated w/ 75 ohm  
Connector BNC
Return loss >36 dB, 0.1 to 10 Mhz
  >15 dB, 10 to 360 MHz
Insertion loss <0.2 dB, 0.1 to 180 MHz
  <1 dB 180 to 360 MHz
On resistance <0.2 ohm
Crosstalk <-70 dB, 0.1 to 10 MHz
  <-80 dB at fsc
  <-50 dB, 10 to 180 MHz
  <-30 dB, 180 to 360 MH
Option 8618  
Connectors  Signal input: Sub-D 9-pin, female
Signal output
 XLR 3-pin, male
Return loss  >30 dB, 0.1 to 10 MHz
Insertion loss <0.2 dB, 0.1 to 20 MHz
On resistance <0.2 ohm
Crosstalk <-50 dB, 0.1 to 8 MHz


Voltage  100 – 240 V
Frequency  50 – 60 Hz
Rating 20 W with all options
1RU x 19 in (483 mm) x 19.3 in (490 mm)  
Weight 8.8 lb (4 kg)
Storage temperature -20° to 70 °C
Operating temperature 5° to 45 °C (41 °F to 113 °F)
Output impedance 75 ohm ±0.5 ohm
Humidity:Non-condensing (IEC 721)  
EN 50081-1/1994 (emission)  
EN 50082-1/1992 (immunity)  
FCC rules and regulations, part 15, subpart J, level B (emission)  

Safety:Complies with IEC/EN610101  

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Support and Service

PT5211 Manual
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