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WFM + Audio dual setup

Top Waveform Monitoring

Audio & Loudness included

The PT0760 introduces a unique combination of Audio, Loudness and Waveform monitoring at the highest precision, allowing it to blend into virtually any metering application.

In addition PT0760 allows for Video and Audio source switching as well as quality Audio volume control on selectable audio outputs.

With its modular hardware approach and highly customizable user interface, the PT0760 comes is one of the most versatile Waveform Monitors / Audio and Loudness Meters on the market today.



& Benefits 

  • 8 User Preset Keys, complete customization 
  • 8 User Soft keys, complete customization
  • Modular I/O: SDI, AES, Dolby E etc.
  • Up to 64 Audio Inputs/16 outputs
  • Full Audio Metering inc. stereo, 5.1 surround sound & multiple channels (maximum 32)
  • Loudness Logging, compliant with all major broadcast standards
  • User definable Gamut error settings
  • G, R, B, Y, Cb, Cr & Luminance display
  • A/B Overlay & A/B Parade display
  • Up to 2 or 4 Auto sensing SDI inputs
  • Up to 4 Waveforms on single screen
  • 2 or 4 Channel Waveform Monitor
  • Ethernet and USB ports for data transfer
  • Numerical display of user selectable timebase
  • Universal 1/2 rack, 3RU or Desktop
  • Picture preview
  • Up to 4 SDI video inputs , 1 SDI output
  • Self-sensing genlock input, Blackburst / Trilevel



Video Waveform 

The traditional video waveform display is used to show various aspects of the video components. Available video components are R, G, B, Y, Cb and Cr . The horizontal time base on the waveform display is selectable between line, field and frame and the vertical scale shows the signal level in percentage, voltage or hex values. Horizontal as well as vertical zooming is possible.

The parade display is a typical display mode in a monitoring situation. The video components are displayed side by side and amplitude errors are easily detected. In one view, many parameters of the video signal can be monitored to check and optimize the picture quality, e.g. gamut margin, dynamic range, exposure, black level, etc. In parade mode the levels of the different video components can easily be compared – e.g. for checking the white balance. There are three different parade modes which are Y, Cb, Cr, RGB and RGBY. Video overlay is also possible from selected elements on each channel to provide a combined image.


Dolby E Decoding

Dolby E encodes up to 8 channels of audio plus consumer and professional
metadata information and carries it within a digital audio pair in a SDI stream or
on a single AES3 audio channel. The PT0760M de-embeds the Dolby encoded
signal, decodes that signal back to its constituent parts and then presents full
audio metering of the signal and provides an output.

The PT0760M can deliver an audio downmix of the de-embedded and decoded
signals derived using the coefficients set in the Dolby metadata. This can provide
a health check as well as quality checking. Dolby metadata can also be shown onscreen

Dolby E


PT760-BACK clean

Modular Hardware

Build Your Configuration 

The modular hardware structure of the PT0760 allows you to completely define the specific inputs and outputs formats, be it Anlogue, AES, HD/SD SDI or Dolby E decoding.

Additionally, the PT0760 features both ethernet and USB control and Loudness Logging interfaces alongside the DVI screen out, enabling external screen hookup. 

 Hardware Option & Accessories


Rack dual screen WFM+Audio

PT0760M with PT0760R remote panel in 3U rack – Waveform Monitor, Audio & Loudness Metering and Logging + Audio Quality Monitoring and Volume Control
Client Terminal’ with independent control and display for local & remote use
External Analogue Black Burst/TriLevel reference with loop-through
2 Channel HD/SD Input Module
Upgrade from 2-4 Channel HD/SD Video Input Module
8 Channel Analogue Audio Output Module
4 Channel Digital Audio Output Module (AES3)
8 Channel Analogue Audio Input Module
4 Channel Digital Audio Input Module (AES3)
Dolby E/D (AC3) Decoder Module
Audio delay of each Audio Channel up to a maximum of 16 Channels for
monitoring applications only.
Desktop Stand for PT0760M
19″ 3RU Rack cabinet to house 2xPT0760M
Blank Panel for PT0760M-RM/KIT



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Technical Specification

PT0760M-SDI-1I & 2I  
SDI input specifications  
SMPTE-Formats 259M, 292M
Connector BNC, 75Ω (Internally Terminated)
Return Loss >15dB (5MHz – 1.5GHz)
Input Level 800mVp-p, ±10% (0m Cable)
Equalization Range 259M: 0-280m
(Belden 8281 cable type): 292M: 0-100m 
SDI output specifications  
SMPTE-Formats 259M, 292M
Connector BNC, 75Ω (Internally Terminated)
Return Loss >15dB (5MHz – 1.5GHz)
Output Level 800mVp-p, ±10%
External Analogue Video reference  
Connector BNC, 75Ω (Not internally terminated)
Return Loss >35dB (5MHz to 30MHz)
Input Level 1Vp-p typical, 2Vp-p (Maximum)
Supports video standards SDTV: SMPTE 125M
  SMPTE 267M
  ITU-R BT .601 (480I, 576I)
  HDTV: SMPTE 296M(720P)
  SMPTE 274M(1080I/P)
  SMPTE RP 211 (1080PsF)
8 Channel Analogue Audio Output Module  
Connector 25 pin Female D-Sub 
Sample Rate with internal Sync 48kHz
Max. Output Level at 600Ω +18dB (VCC=12V) +24dB (VCC >20V)
Bit Resolution 24 bit
Frequency Range 30Hz to 20kHz ±0.3dB
Sample rate range with external sync 32 kHz to 50 kHz
Group delay
Dynamic range A-weighted >101 dB
Crosstalk at 1 kHz < –96 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 93 dB (typical)
Nominal output impedance < 5 ohm 
4 Channel Digital Output Module (AES3)  
Connectors 15 pin Female D-Sub (AES3-2003) (AES3-2003) 4 x BNC (AES3-id2001)

Sample rate with internal Sync 48kHz 
Output Level (BNC) 75Ω: 1V
Output Level (D-Sub) 110Ω: 5V (balanced)
Bit Resolution 24 bit
8 Channel Analogue Audio Input Module (balanced)  
Connector 25 pin Female D-Sub
Sample Rate with internal Sync 48kHz
Max. input Level +24dB
Bit Resolution 24 bit
Frequency Range 30Hz to 20kHz ±0.3dB
Nominal input impedance > 20kΩ
Group delay
Dynamic range, A-weighted >103 dB
Crosstalk at 1 kHz < –96 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 93 dB (typical)
4 Channel Digital Input Module (AES3)  
Connectors 15 pin Female D-Sub (AES3-2003) & 4 BNC
Sample rate internal 48kHz
Sample rate for input module 8kHz – 108kHz 
Input Level >500mV
Bit Resolution 24 bit
Input impedance 110Ω
Group delay 1.75 msec (Max.)
THD & Noise –103 dB @ 1 kHz (typical)
Dynamic range >120 dB
General Connectivity  
External Display DVI-I (DVI or VGA) 640x480p60, 1280x720p60,
24 bit colour
Monitor, Control & Update RS232 / USB (-A) / (RJ45)
Power Supply  
Power input Connector XLR4-male
Input Voltage 12-36VDC
Power Usage 15-40W
Physical Characteristics Height: 133.4 mm
  Width: 215.2 mm
  Depth: 145 mm Max.
Weight 2.5kg (typical)
Environmental Conditions  
Storage temperature -20° to +70°C
Operating ambient temperature Operating ambient temperature
Humidity Non-condensing (IEC 721)

Product Information

PT0800M Datasheet
Download 2.49 MB


Support and Service

DK Logging Application Manual
Download 2.43 MB

v. 1.1

DK-Update v.
Download 1.64 MB

This package includes the DK-Update program, 700 / 800 Series USB drivers, The DK-Update Manual and a description on how to create a backup of the DSP software.
This package does not contain any firmware for the instrument.

PT0800M | 760M User Manual
Download 1.48 MB
DKLogging v.
Download 5.20 MB
Audio Levels and Reading
Download 560.05 KB