DK-Technologies Adds Video Monitoring to DK T7 Audio Meter

The addition of Waveform Monitoring to the T7 Loudness Meter brings dual purpose analysis to the popular T7 Series Touch Screen Meter and expands the product to a much wider HDTV audience.

Copenhagen, Denmark: The DK-Technologies has expanded their T7 Series meter with a new product variation; The DKT7 Waveform Monitor. The T7-WFM is based upon the new T7++ motherboard and runs software directly ported from DK’s popular PTO800 Video Series.

The T7-WFM features three different parade modes supporting R, G, B, Y, Cb, Cr and Vector Scope with user definable magnification. Outstanding resolution and precision has been achieved on the waveform presentation by utilizing a 256 tap FIR reconstruction filter in the waveform processing, guaranteeing the capture of all data in the analysed video stream.

Besides being a state-of-the-art waveform monitor, the unit will operate in all audio modes available in the previous DKT7 software packages including, multi-channel metering, and multi-set of LKFS loudness metering, signal test generator and much more. The T7WFM draws only 12 watts, and is completely noiseless, a major advantage when used in control room audio listening and editing environments.

Purchasers of the Audio version of the T7 can order the meter “video ready” at the time of purchase as the T7++, and add the Video Option at a later date by ordering the Video Software Key that activates the waveform functions.

The addition of waveform monitoring is a great addition to the T7”, said Ed Simeone, DK Technologies sales agent in the US, “It shows the real power in the hardware platform. Customers can choose to view audio only, video only, or both simultaneously, all in a one inch thick, fan-free package”

DK-Technologies has been developing high end audio and video monitoring and metering products for more than 20 years and is renowned for the extreme accuracy and quality of its products. In recent years it has led the market in Loudness metering technology, particularly in portable and affordable solutions such as those exemplified by the DK Meter family – a range of audio and loudness metering products that have been exceptionally well received by broadcasters and post production facilities around the world.

DKT7 WFM and Audio

DKT7 WFM Luminance and Vector

WFM cutsheet