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November 14th 2014, Inter BEE 2014

DK Technologies Releases TimeSaver Loudness Automation for T7 Meter

DK Technologies has released the TimeSaver Automation Option for the T7 Loudness Measurement System.
TimeSaver was specifically designed for mixing engineers working on sound for picture that have to measure in real-time audio Loudness to a delivery or regulatory specification.

When using a real-time loudness meter the LKFS (LEQ-M) score value has to be measured from the start time to the stop time, which basically forces the sound mixer to rewind and re-measure the whole session if changes are made to potions of the mix. DK Technologies’ TimeSaver technology allows for multiple edits within a measured segment and instantly recalculates the LKFS (LEQ-M) score by retaining the loudness value before and after the changes. This provides the ability to give an instant loudness score value for the whole session when changes are done in the middle.

“We feel that the TimeSaver option is just that, a time saver”, said Anders Kjempff DK’s Sales & Marketing Director, “TimeSaver works on segments from 10 seconds to 1 hour and the option supports both internal or external SMPTE time code as the source. We developed TimeSaver at the behest of one of Hollywood’s leading trailer production houses, so we are confident other post houses will love it too.”

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