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Keep Your Loudness Logged

Real Time Logging & Reporting


DK Logging – Loudness & Peak Compliance and Logging System

Review and Report every Loudness and True Peak event during your audio event, ensuring instant documentation of compliance. 

We are delighted to add the Loudness Logging Application to our many audio and loudness tools – free of charge. 

DK Logging runs as an independent PC application, real time logging loudness events from a line of DK-Technologies audio metering devices, allowing instant review, color coding of customized threshold violations, graphical presentation as well as exporting of data for further presentation and analysis.   

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Bullets & Benefits    

• Logging of Integrated & Short-term Loudness

• True Peak Logging – Never overshoot

• Custom ‘Above/Below’ Thresholds – You decide your limits

• Comes w/ DK T7, DK1, DK2, DK5, PTO800M, PT0700 series

• Time code based Start/Stop function – Leave

• Session Meta Data Entry – Easy identification


• Compatible with All Major Loudness Standards

• Advanced Data base search – Find you session in an instant

• USB and Ethernet compatible 

• Integrated Chart Report – Instant Documentation

• Advanced Data Filtering – Look for specific Attributes

• Export data to PDF or CSV file format



Logging With a View

Data or Chart Presentation

DK Logging allows you to view your logged data on an ‘entry-by-entry’ with customised and color coded thresholds for over/under indication.

The Chart presentation features dual scale view, allowing individual scaling of Loudness and True Peak to be viewed in the same chart.

Both the data entry and chart view may be exported to PDF or CSV file format for further treatment and analysis. 


Automated Start|Stop

Time Your Logging

The Logging Application may be tailored to start and stop by specific time-code slots.

This in turn, means that you can completely automate your loudness and peak logging, removing to ‘punch in & out’ during logging sessions. 

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Logging Runs in the Family 

Choose Your Preferred Logging Device

The DK Logging Application is compatible with a wide range of our different Audio and Loudness Meters. 

From the 7″ Multi Touch DK T7 over the DK Meter range and to the PT0800M Waveform monitor and its predecessor 700 Series. The Logging Application will find your device via USB or Ethernet and be ready for Logging loudness and true peaks in a matter of seconds.  


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Technical Specification


System Requirements   
PC Operating System Windows XP sp3 & Windows 7
Logging Devices  
Compatible DK-Technologies devices DK T7, DK1, DK2, DK5, PT0800M, PT0700 series
Logging Application  
Logging parameters True Peak Level Min/Max, Shortterm Min/Max, Integrated Loudness Min/Max
Data base  SQLite
Data Export format PDF, CSV
Custom Color Thresholds True Peak High/Normal/Low, Shortterm Max High/Normal/Low, Shortterm Min High/Normal/Low, Integrated Loudness High/Normal/Low

Product Information

DK Logging Application Manual
Download 2.43 MB

v. 1.1

Support & Service

DKLogging v.
Download 5.20 MB