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DK-Matrix II – DKMeter and DK T7 Preset Editor 

The DK-Matrix II PC application features a quick and easy way to overview and edit the presets of your DK T7, DK1, 2 and 5. Best of all is that it is free of charge.

DK-Matrix runs as an independent PC application and features access to all signal routing, bar graph colours and width, source naming, preset naming and a number of additional functions. 

dual screen matrix


Bullets & Benefits    

• Quick Setup of your Meter

• Matrix routing of Sources and destinations

• Back up of all meter presets

• Fast Bargraph Setup – colour, width and naming

• Oscilloscope setup parameters  

• Compatible with all DK T7 models, DK1, DK2 and DK5, 

• Setup sharing across multiple meter models  

• Cloning of Meter setups 

• Quick and Easy Preset naming 

• Copy/Paste of settings across presets and setups



Matrix + DKT7  

Instant Signal Routing

Matrix Style Connection

DK-Matrix II features a matrix connection point display, giving you instant overview of the incoming sources and destinations available on your meter.

Routing a signal is as simple as clicking the connection between the source and the destination.  

Also, the Matrix view will allow you to name any incoming source and destination in an instant, making sure that your meter reflects the channel order and naming to your liking. 

Once you have altered the settings, names and preset, you simply download the entire setup back into your meter and you are up and running 


Colour Your Meter 

Bargraph Setup 

The DK-Matrix II application allows you to quickly edit and setup the exact over/normal/under colours of your meter. 

Additionally, the bargraph width may be altered in a matter of seconds, making specific groups or bargraphs stand out from the crowd. 


Bargraph + DK T7



Share your setups across multiple devices 

DK-Matrix is bridging the gap

The DK-Matrix II application is compatible with all the DK T7 models, as well as DK1, DK2 and DK5.

Of course this means that setups may be copied across the multiple instances of the same device i.e cloning a DK T7 setup for several locations. However, it also means that you share setups across devices with compatible I/O configurations i.e. a DK T7 setup may be downloaded into a DK5, allowing you to populate your locations with different meter family members and still clone identical setups across multiple devices. 



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Technical Specification


System Requirements   
PC Operating System Windows XP sp3 & Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Logging Devices  
Compatible DK-Technologies devices All DK T7 models, DK1, DK2, DK5, 

Product Information

DK-Matrix II Users Manual
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DK-Matrix II
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