DK-Meter, The Home of Metering

DK-Technologies has changed

March 2018. The world is changing and DK-Technologies together with DK-Audio has changed too so the brands we have protected over almost 31 years will survive to the benefit of our loyal customers. However, we have been forced to say goodbye to a lot of legacy products and concentrate on software development and sales for the never families like the DK1 to 5 range and the DKT7. Upon strong interest from customers support of the popular MSD600M++ family could be included. All legacy product documentation and software will be available on this site over time based on volunteer work so donations for this work are highly appreciated. The best regards Karsten Hansen

Our Future Service

Our services consist of a free self-manged support part from our web-site and a chargeable support for a range of supported products. All current software is chargeable items including updates and upgrades. Prices are listed on the individual items. Repairs and manufacture is handled by third party companies listed separately under partners.

Future Business Partner(s)?

We need partners that are interested to manufacture, repair and sell products within the DK-Technologies portfolio. That is including the DK1-5, DKT7, PT5300, legacy MSD, NTP products and the colour analysers. We got all documentation including equipment for testing together with a substantial component stock. Everything is available for the right business partner(s). Please contact me if you got a serious interest in being a partner.